Press Release: Light Up The Night

For Immediate Release

December 14, 2008

Primary Contact: Tim DeBenedictis
Alternate Contact: Eric Lunow
Alternate Contact: Cat Kim

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA. The local organizers of the national November
15th protests against Prop 8 have planned something positive for the
holiday season.

Join The Impact ( is planning a national candlelight
vigil, open to all individuals, organizations, and families who support
marriage equality and the repeal of Prop 8.

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT will take place in San Francisco at Union Square on
Saturday, December 20th, from 5:00 – 6:00 PM.

Early response indicates an attendance figure in the thousands, creating a
visual holiday spectacle. The San Francisco vigil will be coordinated with
hundreds of other vigils happening simultaneously in cities across the
United States.

According to organizer Tim DeBenedictis, “We want to show a positive image
of unity and hope – an image that will be seen not just here in San
Francisco, but across the Bay, in the Central Valley, over the Sierras, and
in 100 million homes across America.”

For more information on the San Francisco event:
For more information on the national event:


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