Fliers & Signs

Take these and print them, put them up around your neighborhood, leave them at stores and community centers, hand them out on the street and MUNI. Please be respectful of public and private property and avoid posting fliers on bus stops and historic lamp posts. Put the fliers on your own sites or link to them here. Clicking the images will take you to full-size PDFs.

If you belong to a club or organization, send your members these fliers and organize putting them up with your group.

Shepard Fairey, designer of the Obama Hope poster, has generously created this image for people to use as signs and fliers (Click image for full size image).:


Day Without A Gay (Lesbian/Bi/Trans/Intersex) fliers:


Flier in English.


Flier in traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese.


Flier in Spanish.


Quarter-size sheet of fliers. Print them, cut them up, and hand them out.

November 15, Join The Impact National Day of Protest fliers:


English PDFs in black and white and color.


A Japanese flier.


Fliers in traditional Chinese: color and black and white.

Fliers in simplified Chinese: color and black and white.


Chinese PDFs in black and white and color.


Spanish PDFs in black and white and color.


Fnglish flier here (PDF).


Full-size version of the flier here (PDF).


Full-size version of the flier here (PDF).


Full-size flier (PDF).


Full-size flier (PDF).


Click on the image to get the full-size version of the flier (JPG).


Right-click and save as for the full-size flier (PDF). Print them, cut them up, and they’re perfect for handing out at MUNI stops, farmers markets, schools, and any other high traffic areas.


Right-click and save as for the full-size flier (PDF).


For the viral spread, John put together a widget version of the flier that you can share on FB and all the social networking and page-sharing sites.


18 responses to “Fliers & Signs

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  2. Luis Mitter

    I work close to the Castro. I am wondering if I can help passing fliers in the Castro. I could use my lunch break and evenings.

  3. Wolfi

    I’ll put up some fliers in Walnut Creek.

  4. I’ll pass out flyers at UC Berkeley on Wednesday, where I am taking a class. Also, I’ll pass out flyers at Can(y)ada College in Redwood City, where I work.

  5. Steve Romero

    I work downtown S.F.
    i’ll pass out flyers.
    post flyers on telephone polls.
    leave flyers on car windshields.

  6. that one dude

    Are you planning on translating them to Japanese for Japantown dissemination?

  7. protest8sf

    that one dude, that’s a good point. Thanks!

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  9. Lindsay

    I’ll leave a stack in the school of ed building at USF tomorrow and do my best to get some up in nob hill over the next few days.

  10. David Liboon

    I’ll distribute fliers in Alameda and Downtown Oakland, CA

  11. Christo

    I’ll help put up fliers in the Castro. At the Friday protest, it was really hard to see any of the fliers there. I saw some but they were tiny and kind of lost on light poles.

    It would be good to get as many LGBT businesses as possible to put signs up in their windows. Closer to the Muni and also 18th&Castro the better.

  12. Steve Romero

    I printed 400 of the 4-up flyers and handed them out in front of the Castro Theatre Monday night.
    They are showing “Milk” and the line to see the film was about 2 blocks long. Its a great place to hand them out. You have a captive audience. LOL

  13. Mali

    Can we organize to go to counties that voted against our rights. I know passing out fliers is convenient in Castro, Berkeley or downtown SF, but does it make sense? how about we go to counties nearby that voted against us? I am happy to lead or follow on that!

  14. Mali

    to those who are gifted with sign making:
    thanks for all your efforts. If I may suggest, let’s start having signs depicting gay families to show the voters that eliminating same-sex marriage hurts children as well as the adults. Yes on 8 logo was brilliant, let’s turn their argument on its head!

  15. protest8sf

    Mali, rallies are happening all over the state, including counties where a majority voted yes. Check out the main jointheimpact page to see where you can volunteer – I’m sure they’d be glad for another pair of hands!

  16. Joe

    I’m going to post flyers tonight in Oakland around Lake Merritt, Laney College, and Oakland’s Chinatown. I like Mali’s idea of posting flyers in areas that voted against us. If anyone wants to do that, I can help out but I don’t have a car.

  17. David Liboon

    I distributed 200 fliers around Mission this evening…finally got the nerve to do it. For people
    who’ve never done it before, and especially in dicey neighborhoods…it can be scary but I got over it….I’m ready to do more!!!!

  18. Moe!

    Will there be another protest after the 15th? I probably won’t be able to make it as I hope to attend future protests. Thanks.

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