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  • Community Outreach: The need for publicity coincides with the outreach to all our communities. We need to contact GLBTQI organizations, political organizations, religious organizations, minority organizations, schools, etc. (any suggestions for the list? Please comment.) and ask them to contact their members. These requests for publicity and attendance are the most effective when they come from community members, so if you belong to a religious group, an activist group, a political group, etc., please talk to folks in your community about coming to the protest.
  • Schools: college and high school students, particularly members of GLBTQI organizations, that are interested in volunteering with publicity or organizing – contact your organizations for publicity, put up fliers around campus, etc. If you’re interested in organizing your school’s club for publicity or have familiarity with organizing events, please check out the fliers page and spread the word with your organization!
  • Fliers: We need to get the fliers up and out, which is where everyone with access to a printer and a stapler or tape come in: print the fliers and put them up at your community centers, dorms, apartment buildings, coffee shops, stores, libraries, and any place where you see a bulletin board. Please be respectful of public and private property and avoid posting fliers on bus stops and historic lamp posts. Print some fliers, put them in your bag in the morning, and stick them up as you go about your day. This is a (non-comprehensive) list of the areas that need to be fliered.
  • Internet: Go viral. We need as much publicity across the internet as possible. The Facebook event is Join the Impact – San Francisco. Link to this post and cross-post it to your blogs, your Facebooks and MySpaces and Orkuts and any other social network, add it to Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Newsvine, share it on Google Reader, and get the word out! If you are familiar with MySpace and want to create a page, email me.

We regret that we cannot provide translations for fliers in other cities. However, the “Fight the H8” pdfs are editable in Photoshop; please feel free to edit them for your local rallies.


13 responses to “Get Involved

  1. Briana


    I am very inspired by the work being done to organize protests and want to help. I can print and distribute flyers and get the word out on the web. But if the mainstream media isn’t picking up the story, then the work is not as effective as it could be. Are there plans for organizers or participants to come prepared to document the event for viral web distribution? Are media outlets being contacted? If you need assistance with this end of things I would be more than willing to help.



  2. I hope efforts will be made to bring in speakers from the African-American community to help make it clear that some members of that group are on-board. I hope it won’t be just petitions and chanting. We need to take direct action in this crisis!

    I’ll be encouraging participation at DailyKos (Makechessnotwar), though there is already one good diary up. Will there be the usual tables for organized activities?

  3. protest8sf

    Hi Eric, I’m not sure what you mean by tables. Do you mean for GLBTQI organizations to present materials, like at Pride?

    As far as reaching out to the African-American community, that’s definitely something we want to do. Do you know of any organizations, groups, or people that we could contact?

  4. protest8sf

    Hey Briana, some people are contacting media outlets. We’re keeping track of everything through our list serv (here) so that we don’t duplicate our efforts, so please join! Your assistance would be very welcome, particularly w/documenting the event. Are you thinking videos? It would be great if we could have user-generated footage to put up on YouTube in addition to the mainstream news reports.

  5. Todd

    SPEAKER SUGGESTION – Rev. Dr. Penny Nixon formerly of MCCSF – powerful womyn who can and has mobilized hundreds of thousands over the years around gay rights issues, she can be found at:
    Congregational Church of San Mateo
    United Church of Christ
    225 Tilton Avenue
    San Mateo, California 94401
    Phone: 650/343-3694 • Fax: 650/343-6436

  6. Jeff

    Is anybody printing & selling anti-prop 8 t-shirts to help fund the campaign? I’d certainly buy a few. I’m sure others would as well.

  7. Marguerite

    I would be interested in participating in on going community out reach beyond the protest on Saturday. I think what was really missing from the No on 8 campaign was dialogue with Yes on 8 people. As odious as it sounds, I think talking to the other side, not just protesting in front of places of worship is what is required. If anyone could is interested in starting this kind of dialogue please contact me.

  8. I noticed the photo you are using as a banner on this site and was happy to see that you included my sign saying “Take Away Civil Rights? UnAmerican. UnPatriotic. UnConstitutional.” I know exactly where that was taken – Dolores Park in San Francisco around 7PM on Friday Nov 7 2008 after a march from Civic Center.

    I wonder if you might be kind enough to send me the original photo you are using so I can save it. I would love to put it up on my wall as a reminder!

    Warm regards, Paula

  9. I noticed the photo you are using at the top of this website and it includes my picket sign “Take Away Civil Rights? UnAmerican UnPatriotic UnConstitutional.” Any chance you could send it to me so I can have a souvenir of Friday night 11/07/08 in Dolores Park? Thanks for all the important work you are doing. Warm regards, Paula

  10. WE NEED A FEW HUNDRED TO A THOUSAND PEOPLE TO DO THIS, PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT! There have been 2 sitting protest held in the Castro district in the last 2 weeks. That is great, but we are protesting in our bubble. Lets have a sitting protest in the intersection of Market Street and Van Ness Avenue! This is one of the busiest intersections in Downtown San Francisco. This will grab the attention of the media and make a statement worldwide! Please lets have a SITTING, CANDLELIT, PEACEFUL PROTEST!

  11. Keenan

    Hi, I’m a local photographer and was hoping to attend and contribute with my camera… I would love to come shoot the event and get you any photos you need for free. Let me know if you don’t already have arrangements.


  12. Liberty

    In addition to all the other wonderful comments above. I keep thinking we need to go in to different neighborhoods besides castro. I know this is being done on some level. In San Francisco, the Mission, Bayview, Presidio, Sunset, etc. They need to see our faces and hear our voices. The more votes we can get the better. Even more so, we need to recruit leaders that reflect those populations. As a Latina, and part of a huge voting force, this voting force needs to be addressed and harnessed. Minorities (inclusive of all underrepresented groups) represent a small portion of people leading the movement, yet the vote is so large. Just some thoughts.

  13. Becca

    My friend and I would like to attend the rally and collect signatures. However, we are not sure we can get to the city by 11:00. Can we still participate in the collection process if we are there by 12:30? Does age have any impact on volunteering. We are very interested and hope to hear from you soon.

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