Event Information

Event: Marriage Equality and GLBTQI rights Rally
Location: San Francisco City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Pl.
Time: 10:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

The rally this Saturday will feature speakers from all parts of the GLBTQI community and its supporters, including local politicians, civil rights leaders, and religious leaders. We are committed to being an inclusive, anti-racist event. The event will be a peaceful rally in support of marriage equality and full equality, and we welcome everyone to attend that supports equality for all!

Speakers will provide perspective and action plans for restoring the rights of all people to marry, as advocated by millions of Californians including Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The rally will provide our movement with a huge local network on which we can organize future protest actions.

A handicapped-accessible area will be reserved for persons with disabilities on the sidewalk in front of the City Hall steps, and there will be ASL interpreters present.

We encourage people to make signs to express their support for marriage equality and civil rights. Against8 and wistfuljane have downloadable flier designs in a variety of sizes.

Via Protest8LA, Shepard Fairey, designer of the Obama Hope poster, has generously created this image for people to use as signs and fliers:


(Click image for full size image).

We encourage people to bring video cameras and cameras to record the event. Put your rally photos up at the protestprop8 flickr and your video footage up at YouTube (and link it in the comments here)!



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7 responses to “Event Information

  1. Lee Henry

    The San Francisco Chronicle provides a long list of contributors pro and con Prop. 8. Don’t neglect to check “supports” or “opposes”.


  2. Thanks so much for putting this on tomorrow… I have one suggestion for the event that maybe is already in the works.

    We need to have something concrete to give people to do next otherwise this just becomes a lost opportunity. Something like, announcing the Day without Gays event in December, or boycotting specific retailers, or signing a petition at the event to get something on the ballot, or something else.

    I hope someone has something like this planned!


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  4. Kristine S

    Just for a moment please – leave the subjects of gay and religion aside – to see this clearer.

    It’s simple logic – they cannot legally define an object (marriage) as being based on two other objects (one man and one woman) that are NOT legally defined.

    Now they HAVE to legally define “one man” vs “one woman” – or this law has nothing to stand on.

    Opinions or assumptions of the definition of marriage is no longer acceptable in California – it’s been defined legally. Therefore – there can no longer be opinions or assumptions of the “one man and one woman” – that together make the legal definition of marriage. A birth certificate reflects a person’s gender – but that is based on opinion of common knowledge or appearance – just as the definition of marriage used to be.

    Until we have that legal definition all we have to go on is the dictionary. Look it up. When I look up “man”, I see it’s defined as an “adult male human”. When I look up “male”, I see it’s defined as “an individual that produces small usually motile gametes (as spermatozoa or spermatozoids) which fertilize the eggs of a female”.

    So according to proper definition – a guy in CA with no sperm cannot legally marry. He doesn’t qualify for the proper definition of a “man” as per the wording of prop 8 and a dictionary.

    Laws have to be written carefully. “One man & one woman needs to be legally defined or this law has nothing to stand on. If I lived in California I would petition the courts for the legal definition of a man – for the purpose of obeying this law. Somebody in CA needs to do this soon.

    I hear a man in Oregon is pregnant again. I don’t know what body part legally qualifies him as a man – but he has a uterus and is pregnant. Citizens need to know the exact legal definition of a man vs a woman – in case they want to marry somebody who is similar.

    It’s like a Pandora’s box has been opened and everyone is so busy arguing gay-rights vs religion that they haven’t stopped for a moment to look inside the box. Exactly what body parts are needed to qualify as a man for the purpose of marriage under this new law?

    “One man and one woman” HAS to be legally defined for the purpose of obeying prop 8.

  5. Prop 8 Protest San Francisco videos

  6. Wanted to share that as writer/director/producer for SPECIAL our $2.5million LGBTQ feature film project I have cancelled our May 2009 shoot in Salt Lake City Utah in Solidarity with anti prop 8 peoples…
    Together we shall overcome!
    Ann P Meredith
    SWORDFISH Productions

  7. protest8sf

    Wow! That’s awesome, Ann. Acts of conscience like yours will make a difference.

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