Publicity: Prime Volunteer Opportunity

We have fliers in English, Chinese, and Spanish here for you to download, post online, print, and post up all over the city and your neighborhoods. Please be respectful of public and private property and avoid posting fliers on bus stops and historic lamp posts. Comment with your name and area and if you can print fliers for other people, leave your email, too. The more publicity, the better, so even if someone is already putting up fliers in your neighborhood, please volunteer!

Alamo Square – serafina (can print for others, serafinak AT gmail .com)
Ashbury Heights – Kristen
Bayview / Hunter’s Point – Raul H.
Bernal Heights – Lisa (can print for others), Sony
Castro – John, Luis, Christo
Civic Center
Cole Valley – Eva
Cow Hollow
Diamond Heights
Downtown / Embarcadero & Market area – Steve
Fillmore – Eva
Fisherman’s Wharf
Glen Park – Jennifer
Haight-Ashbury – Kristen
Hayes Valley – Todd
Laurel Heights – Ryan
Lower Haight
Mission HAVE SPANISH FLIERS – Lisa (can print for others)
Nob Hill – Lindsay
Noe Valley
Nopa – Briana
North Beach
Pac Heights – Kristie
Panhandle – Kristen, Briana
Polk Gulch
Potrero Hill
Presidio – Andrea
Presidio Heights
Inner Richmond – Ryan, Sarah (slgonzales AT usfca .edu)
Outer Richmond
Russian Hill/Polk St. – Kristie
SoMa – John, Todd
South Beach
Inner Sunset – led (the_jade_greene AT yahoo .com) needs fliers
Outer Sunset
Telegraph Hill
Tenderloin – Evyan
Twin Peaks
Western Addition

East Bay – Amanda, Jessica, David L., 2blackcats, Barbara, Wolfi
South Bay – Jen, 2blackcats, Melissa, Angelina
Northern Peninsula –

Academy of Art
UC Berkeley – David, Jillian
Cañada College (Redwood City) – David
CCSF – Angelina
Golden Gate University – equalitynowsf AT gmail .com
SFSU – Eva, Chris
USF – Ryan contacted LGBTQ caucus, Sarah (slgonzales AT usfca .edu), Lindsay

Please tell me if I’ve left out a neighborhood. It’s a long list, but this blog has gotten over 4,000 hits in less than 48 hours. There are people here living in every single neighborhood and around the Bay Area, so if you can print a few fliers and commit to putting them up, leave a comment with your email and neighborhood. Not everyone has access to a printer, so if you’d like to distribute fliers to other people to put up, leave a comment with your email and neighborhood so people in your area can get in touch. To kick things off, led is willing to flier in Inner Sunset (hang on until we can get some Chinese fliers up, though) but needs fliers. Someone want to help out?



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61 responses to “Publicity: Prime Volunteer Opportunity

  1. For any furture night-time events, bring flashlights for safety and to shine at the news helicopters overhead. It will look really cool and gain us even more media favor if we acknowledge them.
    Also bring megaphones, whistles, drums etc. to make as much noise as possible.
    Remember to not “bunch up”. Spread out so our numbers can be seen!

  2. kristen

    I’ll be putting some up all over the Haight/Ashbury, I can cover the Panhandle and Ashbury Heights too.

  3. lisa

    I’ll poster Bernal Heights. I’ll do some of the Mission as well – could use a Spanish version of poster. I can also print posters for others.

  4. Ryan

    I’ll be printing fliers after work today and putting them up in Laurel Heights and the Inner Richmond (up and down Clement and California). I’m going to do my best (time permitting) to put some up on the USF campus as well and I plan on going to bars and clubs friday to hand them out to clubers. I passed on the fliers to the LGBTQ Caucus at USF too and requested that they get our information out in any way they can.

  5. Evyan

    I will post fliers tonight (11/10) around my neighborhood… the tenderloin!

  6. Jennifer

    Glen Park is another neighborhood – we will put up some there as well.

  7. I’ll get some up in Hayes Valley!

  8. And I can get some up in SOMA, too.

  9. Sony

    Bernal Heights -I’ll get some up.

  10. Joe

    Don’t forget the East Bay! How about postering in Alameda, Oaklands, and Berkeley?

  11. Briana

    I’ll help in Nopa and the Panhandle!

  12. I’m at Fillmore/Grove and can put up fliers throughout a ~5block radius – not sure what neighborhood that counts as: The Fillmore/Hayes Valley/Alamo Square/Western Addition?

    I can also print fliers for others. Email me if you need them.

  13. Andrea

    I can post in the Presidio on my street, MacArthur Ave as well as Portola, but there are lots of other areas in the Presidio where it would be great it anyone else could post…

  14. Samantha

    Ryan, I was also planning to post/pass out fliers around Inner Richmond and the USF campus… maybe we can split the job? Or if I see that you’ve already covered the area when I go around, I’ll look for other places. If anyone else lives in the neighborhood and wants to help, feel free to contact me:

  15. Jen

    Hey, I’ll be covering 3 cities in the South Bay (San Jose, Santa Clara, and Milpitas).

  16. kristen

    CCSF isn’t included in the college list, we could definitely use some there.

  17. Leland Frances

    WHY are you protesting at City Hall. No one connected with it is a part of the problem. But SF Archbishop Niederauer was THE RINGLEADER of the American Taliban opposition. From today’s SF Chron:

    “Months before the first ads would run on Proposition 8, San Francisco Catholic Archbishop George Niederauer reached out to a group he knew well, Mormons.

    Niederauer had made critical inroads into improving Catholic-Mormon relations while he was Bishop of Salt Lake City for 11 years. And now he asked them for help on Prop. 8, the ballot measure that sought to ban same-sex marriages in California.

    The June letter from Niederauer drew in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and proved to be a critical move in building a multi-religious coalition – the backbone of the fundraising, organizing and voting support for the successful ballot measure. By bringing together Mormons and Catholics, Niederauer would align the two most powerful religious institutions in the Prop. 8 battle. ……….”

    The address below is where you SHOULD be having your protest. Otherwise it’s little more than a massive circle jerk.

    The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco
    One Peter Yorke Way
    San Francisco, CA 94109

  18. protest8sf

    Leland, I agree that the powers that be at SF City Hall have been great allies and leaders in the GLBTQI rights movement. This protest isn’t about blaming them, it’s about coming together as a community. We’re holding the rally at City Hall because

    (a) it’s the center of civic life/power in SF and organizing there has immense symbolic value. It shows that GLBTQI people are active citizens engaged in their communities, there are a lot of us, and we will support legislators and politicians that support us.

    (b) on a more pedestrian note, it’s a huge open plaza and flat, so it’s easier for handicapped access and holding a big gathering.

  19. Holden

    Please let me know what I can do to help.
    I live in Marin, but have easy access to San Francisco.

  20. Sara

    For anyone who’s in the South Bay, there will be a rally in San Jose on Nov. 15 as part of the Join the Impact rallies happening all over the country.

    If you live closer to San Jose than to San Francisco, please come to SJ City Hall, 200 E. Santa Clara Street, at 10:30 a.m.

  21. Kristie

    I can cover parts of Pacific Heights, because I go to school at Broadway/Fillmore. I might be able to put some up at Polk Gulch too, but I will be sticking only to Polk Street, cause my parents are not into the tenderloin border. How many posters do you need for that area? Hopefully, I can print a few extra for someone else to post.

  22. Kristie

    I can cover parts of Pacific Heights, because I go to school at Broadway/Fillmore. I might be able to put some up at Polk Gulch too, but I will be sticking only to Polk Street, cause my parents are not into the tenderloin border. How many posters do you need for that area? Hopefully, I can print a few extra for someone else to post.

  23. Eva

    I can flyer Cole Valley.

  24. Kristie

    Sorry, for the additional message. I just talked to my mom, who owns a printing shop in San Francisco. She agreed to give us discounted rates for flyers. For black and white: 5 cents each (100 for 5 dollars) For color: 35 cents each. The shop is located at 1410 Franklin Street (between Sutter and Fern), 94109. Phone Number: (415) 928-7865 Email:

  25. Sara

    I will be putting up fliers at San Francisco State and in the Fillmore. Is there anyway to email one of those fliers? I’d like to email everyone in my address book.

  26. Barbara

    I’ve been getting everywhere from El Cerrito to Oakland for flyers!

  27. I’ll get a few fliers out in Belmont and San Mateo (North Peninsula).

  28. chris

    I can print/post fliers around SF State this week.

  29. Raul Hernandez

    I’m tottally down for bayview

  30. To Leland and All

    It’s sad to see you all who preach “tolerance” being so intolerant of others. The message I’m getting here is that it’s OK to be intolerant of Catholics or Mormons. There seems to be a major double standard here.

  31. protest8sf

    To Leland and All: it’s not OK to be intolerant of Catholics or Mormons as a general group. However, when specific Catholics and specific Mormons organize to take away the civil rights of a minority and legislate discrimination against them, it is perfectly OK and moreover, necessary, to exercise our own freedom of speech and fight that.

  32. angelina

    I will get CCSF and Daly City! and the CCSF area.

  33. adam

    @To Leland and All: when people take away Catholics’ rights to celebrate the Eucharist or Mormons’ to hold temple sealings, I’ll be the first at the protest. Until then, stop whining. Catholics and Mormons in California have all the rights they had on the morning of November 4th. Gay people don’t; Catholics and Mormons were instrumental in taking those rights from them, and I’m certain you’d be raising hell if gay people took rights away from you. If you believe in equal rights under the laws, come to the protest, and if you don’t, get the hell out of my state. We don’t need your kind–that is to say, bigots–here.

  34. Eileen

    I can go to Dolores and hand out/post flyers tomorrow afternoon.

  35. Eileen

    ooo yea, and i go to the Academy of Art University. I’ll have to get approval to post in the school, but I definitely can hand them out.

  36. Jeff

    Hi folks! I can cover Outer Richmond, mostly Ocean Beach including the transit terminal.

    stay well

  37. sarah

    i’ll put some up around soma as well.

  38. Robbie

    I can post in the Outer Sunset Area, around the Java Beach at Judah, around Lincoln and along the Great Highway.

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  40. Marc

    I will put flyers up in Forest Knolls (the neighbour on Mount Sutro).

  41. Nick

    I can do the FiDi tomorrow

  42. Katie

    I’ll do as many as I can in the Civic Center/tenderloin this weekend…

  43. Clubcard Printing in the Castro is donating printing and has English and Spanish posters and fliers ready for pick-up.

    If you need a specific language version please call us at 415-865-1930 or email mikew or juan
    @ clubcardprinting. com

    We are located at 2275 Market street near the corner of 16th. Transit by the J-line streetcar, or MUNI – we between the Castro and Church stations

  44. Alex

    I can cover the Mission/Bernal border and City College. Maybe we can get some up at bars like El Rio and Wild Side West.

  45. Jeff

    Fliers are now going up in Fairfield, thanks PFLAG!

  46. Timothy

    I will flyer the Buena Vista/Corona Heights area

  47. Amy

    We can cover Noe Valley.

  48. Julia

    Haven’t seen anything for Redwood City; I’ll flier the downtown. Would love it if someone could let me know if anything is planned for RWC, though. Our community down here really needs the visibility and voice!

  49. Michele

    I included an ad for the rally in Synapse, the UCSF newspaper which hits stands on, I think, all campuses on Thursday, 11/13.

  50. Lisa

    Hey all, I can put up fliers around my Lower Nob Hill neighborhood, and also if anyone wants help at SF State just let me know.

  51. Paul / Chicago

    Paul here from Chicago.

    Thanks for the brilliant posters in Spanish and Chinese.

    However, is there any way someone can produce a Polish version? And secondarily, a Russian version? Those are two crucial populations in Chicago.

    Thanks so much, Paul

  52. SteveO

    Jennifer, do you consider Sunnyside part of Glen Park? If not, I’ll throw some up.

  53. sarah

    I work in Alameda so can flyer there. Is there anything happening Alameda protest wise? Also my partner will flyer CCSF!

  54. Mary

    i’ve got the western addition covered! thanks!

  55. Simon

    A big word of thanks to the guys at Clubcard for donating such nicely produced graphics. I got some up along Valencia, and should have taken a lot more. Also got graphics and links up on my personal website, which gets 100s of visits a day, and I urge others to do likewise.

  56. I live in the Mission so the easiest for me is to help out with fliers around the Mission/Valencia and Castro areas.

    I can also put some at the Academy of Art and other random places I might come across.

  57. The Q@CIIS group has been publicizing this widely at California Institute of Integral Studies, and will being a contingent to the protest.

  58. Tim DeBenedictis

    I spent all afternoon postering the N Judah MUNI line between 9th & Irving and Embarcadero. Hit every station except Duboce park and Church (everyone in those neighborhoods already knows the scoop anyhow.)

    Need help tomorrow with the J church, L taraval, and other lines. Overall public reaction was very positive.

    I have a PDF of a flyer to print out:


  59. Patrik

    I’ll post some fliers near the inner sunset and GG Park Area near the DeYoung.

  60. John P Wooster

    I plan on photographing the event along with the event at the S.F. Chronicle. Please let me know if any of the photographs I take can help you with this cause.

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