More Fliers

If you want to put up fliers in any other language, email your translation and the area you plan to flier to protest8jon AT gmail .com. Requests must include translations of these phrases:

Rally Against Proposition 8
More info at
Join the Impact // National Protest

Clicking on the images below will take you to the full-size PDFs.

From Nathan, Winson, and Jon:


A Japanese flier.

From Tim:


For more fliers, click this link:

From Winson and Jon:


Fliers in traditional Chinese: color and black and white.

Fliers in simplified chinese: color and black and white.

Courtesy of Kristen, Jon, Warren, Howard, and David:


Chinese PDFs in black and white and color.


Spanish PDFs in black and white and color.


English PDFs in black and white and color.

From Cindy, 1/4-size fliers that print up four to a page. Print them, cut them up, and they’re perfect for handing out at MUNI stops, farmers markets, schools, and any other high traffic areas.


Right-click and save as for the full-size flier (PDF).


Right-click and save as for the full-size flier (PDF).

From Kristen, two low-ink fliers:


Right-click and save as for the full-size flier (PDF).


Right-click and save as for the full-size flier (PDF).



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10 responses to “More Fliers

  1. Great flyers! Thank you!

    I’m posting, printing….. all that jazz!

  2. Troy

    Is it ultimately chepaer to print from my home computer, or print one and take it to Kinko’s?

  3. Cindy

    Hey Troy… probably cheaper to take one and have it copied black/white at Kinkos. If you want color, it’s cheaper from your home.

  4. Melissa

    I’m in the city of Campbell and can print flyers and distribute in Campbell, Los Gatos, Saratoga and Mountain View.

  5. Clubcard Printing in the Castro will have english posters and fliers ready by 2 pm today for anyone to pick-up.

    If you need a specific language version please call us at 415-865-1930 or email mikew or juan
    @ clubcardprinting. com

    We are easy to get to on Market & 16th street between (J-line streetcar, and we are between the Castro and Church Muni stations)

  6. kevin

    Please don’t staple flyers to trees (use tape instead!). Someone stapled a bunch of these flyers to the trees on University Ave. in Berkeley–it’s bad for trees.

  7. Joe

    I have another flier design – how should I submit it?

  8. Another Matt

    I have flyer’d parts of the Mission, Castro, Lower and Upper Haight, and the Inner Sunset…

  9. dstep517

    hey how did you post your images on this site, so people could download them? also, do you mind if I take your fliers and add our info in columbus? thanks.

  10. Does anyone know the name of the graphic designer who originally did the “8 ball” design? We are doing t-shirts with this design and want to give credit to this person.

    Beth (San Diego March)

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