More Fliers

More fliers from Kristen:


Right-click and save as to download the full-size version of the flier here (PDF).


Right-click and save as to download the full-size version of the flier here (PDF).

From Ryan:


Click on the image to get the full-size version of the flier.

Take these and print them, put them up around your neighborhood, leave them at stores and community centers, hand them out on the street, give them to your coworkers, friends, family, and classmates. Put the fliers on your own sites or link to them here.



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12 responses to “More Fliers

  1. KathleenM1

    Sorry to say this, but the poster with the restroom stick figures for genders is dreadful. It looks like the same crap that afflicted the No on 8 campaign — if it’s the same person/agency, fire them now!

    I’ve really had it with the incompetence of those who ran the No on 8 campaign — they should be replaced with experienced, media-savvy professionals who know how to craft messages and imagery.

  2. protest8sf

    Kathleen, the poster with the stick figures was created by JoinTheImpact. As far as I’m aware, the admin there is based in Seattle and had no affiliation with the No on 8 campaign. Given that this is an entirely volunteer-driven event, there isn’t anyone to fire.

    There are other flier designs available above, and if you would like to put us in touch with media-savvy professionals or design a flier yourself, please email me.

  3. Troy

    Hi.. I tried to download the H8 poster, but after download, the fine-print details do not show up. Just the large block letters “Fight the H8”.

  4. protest8sf

    Hi Troy, try clicking directly on the PDF link – it’ll open up the PDF inside the tab and then you can save it to your hard drive. Even if all the details aren’t showing up, it might print correctly, so try printing one copy and see if that works.

    If the PDFs don’t work, the stick figure flier is a jpeg and so that might work better for you. Let me know if you have any trouble, and thanks for spreading the word!

  5. Mark

    I like the posters but they look way too ink/toner intensive to me. Could a B&W version be created without black backgrounds? The posters should be easily printable by everybody.

  6. protest8sf

    Hi Mark, already working on it. I’ll put them up soon.

  7. unimpressed

    Your printer should have an option to print a negative of the image, look for that function

  8. Cindy

    Hey Mark. If you need one that’s more printer friendly, you can download here.

  9. Mali

    thanks for all your efforts, but bathroom signs!! If I may suggest, let’s start having signs depicting gay families to show the voters that eliminating same-sex marriage hurts children as well as the adults. Yes on 8 logo was brilliant, let’s turn their argument on its head!
    thank you in advance for your consideration

  10. protest8sf

    Mali, that sounds great. If you have flier designs, please email them to me and I’ll upload them.

  11. Another Matt

    KathleenM1 – Your negativity is embarassing. Please be an active participant rather than critiquing every little detail on this website. I’ve seen you post on other pages with similar commentary and it does not move this movement forward.

  12. Randall

    Thanks to the volunteers of protest8sf. I am really proud of you.

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